Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dead body of newly born baby found.

  • A case of concealment of birth by secret disposal of dead body has registered in Napoklu PS. On 06/12/2008 when the complainant M Muthuraj of Kunjila Village was going somewhere near Kakkabe river, found one dead body of newly born baby beside the river. He enquired about the baby with the villagers but the details of baby not revealed.

Open place disfigurement - One case registered

  • A case of open place disfigurement has reported in Shanivarasanthe PS. Between 05/12/2008 and 06/12/2008 night, the complainant M T Ramesh, CHC 149 rceived the information of pasting some wall poeters at Keraganahalli village. While he visited the place found the accused persons Asgar Pasha, Akmal Pasha and Absal Pasha pasting posters on water tanks, Bus Shelters in which slogans written about Babri Masjid incident. By seeing the complainant Ramesh, the accused were fled.