Thursday, July 29, 2010

Theft Case:

A case of theft is reported in Virajpet Town Police Station. On 27-7-2010 at Private Bus stand some unknown culprits committed theft of bag containing silver items valued worth Rs.23,000/- from a private bus belongs to the complainant P.R. Gururaj, which was kept in a seat. In this regard a case has been registered.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lottery case.
A case under lottery act is reported in Virajpet Town PS. On receiving credible information about selling the lottery tickets which were banned in Karnataka State, the PSI and staff have conducted a raid at Private Bus-stand, Virajpet and seized lottery tickets of Rs.4550 and cash Rs.150 from the accused H. Nagaraju and P.P.Bhasheer of Gundigere village.
Gambling Case.
A case under gambling has been registered in Siddapura Police Station. On credible information the PSI and staff have conducted a raid at the premises of Post Office, Siddapura and seized 52 playing cards and cash Rs.1980/- by arresting accused persons.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Women missing, case registered.
A case of women missing is reported in Somwarpet PS. On 11-7-2010 at Masagodu village one Smt Kavitha @ Kaveramma went out from her father’s house and did not return thereafter. She has been found missing since then. In this regard a case has been registered on the complaint of her mother Smt. Basamma R/o Masagodu village, Somwarpet Tq.
Hurt Case.
A case of wrongful restraint and hurt is reported in Napoklu Police Station. On 15-7-2010 at Emmemadu village accused persons Mazeed, Ismail, P.A.Isaq, P.K.Haneef and P.K.Majeed of Emmemadu village obstructed the way of the complainant M.M.Abdul Kareem of Emmemadu village and assaulted him with sickle and wooden clubs owing to old enmity. In this regard a case has been registered.
Un-natural death report.
A case of un-natural death is reported in Bhagamandala PS. On 15-7-2010 at Kolagadalu village one B.B.Neeladhara Rai, aged 53 years committed suicide by hanging at his residence owing to personal reasons. In this regard a case has been registered.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Road Accident, one injured
  • A case of non fatal road accident is registered in Madikeri Rural PS. Today morning at Mekeri village, when the complainant Mohan KUmar was going to Madikeri in his Auto Rikshaw along with one Vishwanath, the accused Maruthi Van driver Somanna drove his Van bearing No.KA-03-M-3481 in rash and negligent manner and dashed against the Rikshaw resulting which the Rikshaw capsized on the road and Mohan Kumar sustained injuries.

Trivial issue, assault and one injured

  • A case of hurt is registered in Somawarpet PS. Today morning at Yarapare village, the accused Shanthachari quarreled with the complainant H D Jayamma for silly reasons and asaulted her by stone resulting which she sustained injuries.

Property issue, assault and property loss

  • A case of hurt and property loss is registered in Srimangala PS. On 13/07/2010 evening at Chikkamundur village, when the complainant Ajjikuttira Ponnappa was at his house, the accused Ajjikuttira Kishor quarreled with him for property issue and tried to assault him but Ponnappa escaped. Then Kishor went out side the house and damaged the glasses of the car belonging to Ponnappa. Then he assaulted one Bopanna who came to pacify the quarrell and threatened them with dire consequences.

Student committed suicide.

  • A case of un natural death is registered in Napoklu PS. On 13/07/2010 at Chelavara village one college student Ashraf committed suicide by consuming poison. Reasons for the suicide not known.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Disgust in life, one committed suicide.
  • A case of un natural death is registered in Virajpet Town PS today. Between 10/7/2010 and 11/07/2010 at Virajpet Inspection Bunglow, one Raghunath Rai committed suicide by hanging to the ventilator rod of the room. His son Anil Rai stated that his father was an alcoholic and was suffering from Cancer desease and in this regard he might have committed suicide.

Trivial issue and assault, one injured

  • A case of hurt is registered in Virajpet Rural PS. Today morning at Kavadi village, one Praveen consumed alcohol and quarreled with his wife Jaji for silly reasons and assaulted her by fire wood resulting which Jaji sustained injuries.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Un-natural death Cases:
  • A case of un-natural death case is reported in Somwarpet Police Station. Today at 12-30 hrs at Kumbooru village when one Chami was working in Komal Coffee Estate, a branch of tree fell down on his head, resulting which he seriously injured. Further he was admitted to Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore for treatment. While on treatment he succumbed his injuries.
  • A case of un-natural death is reported in Madikeri Rural Police Station. On 7-7-2010 at Kiggalu village one Yogesh, aged 20 years was committed suicide by hanging owing to personal problems.

Cheating Case.

  • A case under cheating is reported in Virajpet Rural PS. On credible information complainant K.A. Abdul Mazeed, CPC 443, Virajpet Rural PS checked one Indica Car bearing No.KA04-B5781 belonging to accused namely C.A.Isahar, S/o Late Yusuf, R/o Kadanga Arapattu village and seized logs of Mangeam Tree, where the accused persons were selling these logs by spraying sandal oil to the people of Kerala.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Atrocity on Scheduled caste
  • A case of atrocity on SC ST is registered in Kushalnagar PS. Today morning at Kushalnagar Town opposite Shylaja Haris Hotel, the complainant K T Srinivasa requested a job of reporter in the news paper of the accused K N Murthy, the complainant denied his request and abused his caste in filthy language.
Harrasment on woman, case registered
  • A case of hurt and dowry harrasment is registered in Madiekri Rural PS. On 6/7/2010 at Mekeri village the accused Haneef assaulted his wife Shameena by hand demmanding dowry from her parents' house.
Kirloskar Motor pump stolen worth Rs. 10,000/-
  • A case of theft is registered in Virajpet Rural PS. Prior to 6/7/2010 at Kandangala village, some unknown culprits have committed theft of one Motor pump worth Rs.10,000/- from the estate of the complainant Jammada Muddaiah.

House theft worth Rs. 6,000/-

  • A case of house breaking theft is registered in Siddapura PS. On 3/7/2010 at Gattadalla, some unknown culprits were gained entry into the shop of the complainant Ananda by break open the door lock and committed theft of kerosene and other things worth Rs. 6,000/-

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hurt Cases:
A case of intentional insult along with hurt is reported in Madikeri town PS. On 1-7-2010 near Capital Hotel, Madikeri town when the complainant A.N.Vittala, S/o Late Nanjappa, K.Badaga village was going to Capital Hotel, Madikeri, accused Arun Shetty, President of Deshapremi Yuvaka Sangha came to the spot and abused him in filthy language and assaulted him with hands owing to trivial issue.

A case under criminal trespass, intentional insult to provoke breach of peace along with life threat is reported in Napoklu Police Station. On 2-7-2010 at 20-00 hrs at Napoklu town accused Harees S/o Ismail, Indiranagar, Napoklu criminally trespassed into the house of the complainant Smt P.M.Sarifa W/o Safaruddin, Napoklu town and abused her in filthy language and threatened her life owing to trivial issue.
Un-natural death case:
A case of un-natural death is reported in Somawarpet Police Station. On 2-7-2010 at Banavara village one Mangalamma committed suicide at her house owing to health problem. In this regard a case has been registered.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Intentional insult and life threat case.
A case under Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace, Hurt along with Criminal restraint has been registered in Virajpet Town Police Station. On 15-6-2010 at 6-00 pm accused Razaak S/o Abdulla, Virajpet town obstructed the complainant T.K.Tharikutti Haji and abused him in filthy language and also gave life threat to him owing to old enmity.
Missing Case.
A case of missing of Women and 2 children reported in Ponnampet PS. On 27-6-2010 at Nisarganagara Ponnampet one Smt Latha s/o Ravikumar, 35 years went out from her house along with her children namely B.R.Ganesh, aged 13 years and B.R.Manjunatha, aged 2 years and did not return to her house and they have found missing since then. In this regard a case has been registered.