Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Assault Case
1 A case was registered in Bhagamandala P.S. On 7.9.2010 the complainant viz B.M. Biddappa, r/o Thannimani Village was going near Balakrishna’s Hotel, Bhagamandala, the accused persons Ammemane Naveena assaulted the complainant for personal problem and caused inuiry.

2 A case was registered in Somwarpet P.S. On 6.9.2010 the accused person Rathisha, r/o Somwarpet assaulted the complainant Devapanda Chengappa, farmer, r/o Iggodlu village at Meenucolli, Madapura with a sickle and caused injury.
Excise Act
A case was registered in Gonicoppa P.S. On 6.9.2010 on credible information, PSI, Gonicoppa and his staff went to Hathur village and seized ten bottles of 180 ml. Oldmonk xxx Rum, 27 bottles of 90 ml Oldmonk xxx Rum, two bottles of 180 ml. Original Choice worth of Rs. 1,147/- from the accused Dinesh who was selling the liquors illegally. The accused was arrested.

A UDR case was registered in Napoklu P.S. On 7.9.2010 Smt Rani r/o Paloor village appeared in Napoklu P.S. and lodged a complaint stating state one Mandenervanda Somanna, 65 yrs. r/o Paloor village was dead by hanging himself near his house bridge.